Urinary incontinence solutions

for men

HAREX® is a medical device that is positioned just below the glans. Light pressure on the urethra stops the flow of urine, preventing and regulating unwanted leakage.

For only


Device for controlling the

male urinary incontinence

HAREX® is designed to be comfortable to wear for many hours without causing discomfort. You will not notice it, nor will it be noticed by others. This product is made of high quality materials that ensure optimal function for a long time.

The proper functioning of the device is guaranteed over the service life of 1 year.

Convenient urinary incontinence control with easy cleaning

HAREX® can be created and adjusted without outside help, giving you complete independence. Easy cleaning is done by applying warm soapy water, and since it contains no metal parts, there is no risk of rust or dermatological problems. The precise pressure point calculation on the urethra is designed to block only the urine outlet, while ensuring unobstructed blood circulation.


Regain your freedom in everyday life and improve your quality of life


Practice sports, work or leisure activities without the hassle of effort


Put an end to bad odor, bedsores and irritation due to contact with urine


It does not come into contact with urine and can be used for several hours at a time


Fully customizable to the anatomy of any man


You will not notice that you are wearing it and can wear tight clothes


Enjoy total normalcy with your partner, family and friends


Have a totally full life again

More information

HAREX® in detail

Harex is designed to be used for many hours without causing discomfort. They neither notice it, nor do they notice it.



Made of high quality, lightweight sanitary materials that allow you to apply the right amount of pressure without causing damage.

Perfect fit on the penis.

Toothed belt with which the belt can be positioned and adjusted in the most convenient position.

Urethral pressure actuator

Activation blocks the urethra and prevents involuntary loss of urine

Belt adjustment lever

Safety system that allows you to fix the belt in the most optimal position and ensures control through a secure closure

From customers


Harex has restored my confidence! Thanks to the comfortable and discreet design, I can finally enjoy everyday life again without worries.

Rolf K.

I am excited about Harex! Easy to use, quick to clean and it allows me to live a carefree life. Absolutely recommendable!

Markus S.

Harex is a great solution for urinary incontinence problems. Since I started using it, I feel safer and more comfortable in my daily life.

Jan W.

Urinary incontinence device for men – HAREX®.


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